We Listen

Understanding client needs is the most crucial and the most critical part of the design process. We creatively analyse clients needs. Check planning rules and test wish lists and ideas. Create conceptual plans, test functionality with pieces of furniture, see the design in 3d, try alternative approaches, check the engineering, second-guessing, triple-checking, even play with unknown variables for the best design outcome. Always ask questions about making it the best; never stop until they get the design right that meets the client's needs. After getting things right, we continue with professional drafting. While seeking better construction types, materials, finishes, colours, and always check for other alternatives to ensure every specification is the best.

Each One Beautiful & Unique

Allan Amores (B.S. Architecture) international exposure to residential, and resort projects worldwide provided him with design expertise in luxury home design, residential resorts, and planning. Allan believes each home design is as unique as our clients. Based on this premise, he has never repeated a design. Each one is as per the client’s wish list, budget, style, site potential, orientation, topography, energy efficiency, and don't miss the view.

Less Is More

That means that you can be sure with the confidence that you’re getting the best design and drafting at the best price. If anyone offers a lower price elsewhere, we will match it. Please go ahead to check our packages.

Amores Design will be glad to provide you with a free first design meeting, and then assist you through the design development, drafting, Documentation, Engineering, Council application, Relaxation, Planning Report, and builder’s pricing phase of your project. Amores has a network of industry professionals and good builders who can be at your service if needed.