1. Payment1.0 Payments can be made by VISA or MASTERCARD, or by direct deposit to: ANZ Bank: Amores Design Pty Ltd
      , (BSB-014536) 196975415. No bank cheque.
      1.1 The Client shall pay Amores Design Pty Ltd fees and reimbursable expenses for 3D Visuals as set forth herein. A deposit fee is required to be paid before starting the work on the project. Invoices will be sent fortnightly or as per stage completion for small projects as the 3D services progresses.
      1.2 In the event that Amores Design Pty Ltd invoices a company or other entity at the request of the Client, the Client shall remain primarily responsible for the payment of the Amores Design Pty Ltd’s fees and shall not be able to plead by way of defense to any claim by the Amores Design Pty Ltd to any other entity.
    2. Terms
      2.1 All monies payable by the Client to Amores Design Pty Ltd shall be made at least 7 days from the date of the invoice.
      2.2 Amores Design Pty Ltd is entitled to suspend provision of the services where the payment is outstanding for more than 14 working days until payment is made.
      2.3 An Administration Fee will be charged at $24.00 per follow-up of unpaid invoices. All unpaid invoices will also attract a penalty rate of 3% per month until all monies has been paid.
      2.4 All preliminary images will be issued with a progress stamp, upon issuance of the second progress image the client is required to pay 60% of the total fee. Final images will only be released once the final payment has been paid.
    3. Hourly Rates
      3.1 If 3D rendering services are provided prior to the acceptance of conditions of engagement the Client agrees that those services shall from the date of signing these conditions of engagement be chargeable by Amores Design Pty Ltd to the Client at the rates set out in Clause 3.1
    4. Client’s Duties
      4.1 Licensing and other legal requirement of the images shall be sole responsibility of the client. Amores Design Pty Ltd remains as a drafting subcontractor only.
      4.2 The Client shall provide Amores Design Pty Ltd a brief and all information for the commission including title description, affectations, boundaries, levels and all services information.
    5. Copyright
      Copyright in all documents and drawings prepared by Amores Design Pty Ltd for the Client remains the property of both the Client and Amores Design Pty Ltd. But, Amores Design Pty Ltd reserves the right to use all the documents for marketing and references.
    6. Taxation Law
      In accordance with taxation law 10% good and services tax will be added to all fees.
    7. Termination
      7.1 If the Client becomes insolvent or enters into a scheme of arrangement with its creditors or fails to pay Amores Design Pty Ltd in accordance with this agreement the Amores Design Pty Ltd may terminate this agreement forthwith by written notice addressed to the Client.
      7.2 In any other case either party may terminate this agreement on the expiration of at least 30 days written notice. Upon termination the Client shall pay Amores Design Pty Ltd all amount payable.
      7.3 If Drafting Services are terminated during the course of any stage of the work for which a fee has been agreed, Amores Design Pty Ltd shall be entitled and the Client shall pay the Amores Design Pty Ltd on a pro rata basis for the work done by the Amores Design Pty Ltd to the date of termination
    8. Efficient and High Quality Drawings
      8.1 Amores Design Pty Ltd always aims to produce high quality drawings and deliver drawings on time and will do its best to minimize errors and delay of producing drawings. However, Amores Design Pty Ltd doesn’t guarantee an error free and on time delivery for some instances.
    9. Revisions of 3D Rendering
      9.1 For 3d rendering visuals, Amores Design Pty Ltd will send a stamped progress rendering for clients’ comments and approval. The client is privileged to make two changes, more than that; an additional $ 36.00 /hour applies. Corrections will be free of charge as long as the error is from our part.
      9.2 Final rendering will be released upon final payment. All unpaid renderings may not be duplicated, used or disclosed and remains a sole property of Amores Design Pty Ltd.
    10. Privacy Policy
      At Amores Design Pty Ltd., we are committed to protecting your privacy as an online visitor to our website. We use the information we collect about you to maximize the services that we provide to you. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of the information provided by you and adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles.

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