Allan Amores


Design Principal (B.S. Architecture)

Allan grew up in almost impossible circumstances, unfortunate with a widowed mum of eight kids. During his childhood years of hardship, he used to sell fruits on the street. At the age of 13, he opened his first design studio working after school hours and weekends to help finance his studies.
Allan’s passion for architecture stems from his dedication to gain in-depth knowledge and to answer what makes one design outstanding. Keeping that thirst alive and burning, he joined HKS Hill Glazier Studio in San Francisco, a leader in hospitality architecture in 2000.
The exposure he received by working with the principals created an opportunity for him to look at the architectural profession in a defined way. It provided a deeper understanding of universal designs and the importance of listening to client needs over projects. In 2004, Allan moved to Australia and joined Mclaren Lynch Design.
In 2006, Allan finally opened his practice, Amores Design Pty Ltd, on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia. So far, Amores Design has created over 500 beautiful homes, his projects garnering building awards, features on TV and in various magazines. Allan helps his client’s market capabilities gain attention in the industry.

Source: PAB Architects, 1996

Source: Hillglazier Architects, 2007


Source: Hillglazier Architects, 2007

Source: Allan Amores Architects, Phil. 1998


Source: Hillglazier Architects, 2007

Source: Allan Amores Architects, Philippines 1998

Source: PAB Architects, 1997

Before Amores

Allan Amores design career began in the booming years in the middle of 1990’s which enabled him to work on a wide range of challenging projects – from residential communities to shopping centres, from mix-use projects to world-class resorts. The guidance of my previous principals and vigorous exchange of ideas with my colleagues helped me to learn an enormous amount in a relatively short time.

In some prominent projects, Allan has been involved with projects of world-renowned Peter Cox, WATG, HKS, and work full time with Hillglazier Architects. The exposure to projects that collaborated with these firms has created an in-depth knowledge of architecture in the international scene. It created an opportunity for him to look at architecture in a much broader way.


Source: Quill Design, 1998

Amores Design Pty Ltd.
Design Principal, 2006-Present

Leads Amores Design Pty Ltd. Australia group of companies, Draftingr, Amores Visuals, Gorgeou, Inspiringr, and Allan Amores Architects (Phil.). Amores Design has successfully designed over 500 houses + 200 commercial projects.

Source: ML Design, 2004

ML Design / MPS Architects

Brisbane, Qld. Australia, 2004-2006
Senior Designer /Planner

Reports to the Principal assists in the promotional phase as required. Primary concerns are the preparation of preliminary design and presentation drawings. Leading the team in the design development process, obtains decision and approval from the directors in an efficient manner, allowing the design development to progress steadfastly. Coordinates with all involved discipline ascertain that the project proposal conforms with the local codes and zoning requirements. Prepares quick, professional perspective drawings, and attends periodic project meetings.


Source: Hillglazier Architects, 2003

HKS Hillglazier Studio

Palo Alto, California, U.S.A. 2000-2004
Senior Design Consultant

Works directly with the Principals. Concern includes preparation of a master plan, preliminary designs and project reports. The project includes Four Seasons Resorts & Spas in the Bahamas, Mandarin Orientals in Puerto Rico, Hyatt Resorts in Hawaii, Ritz Carlton Resort & Spas in Southern California, Bellevue Tower Hotel Seattle, Notre Dame University Hotel & Convention Centre and an all Suites Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Source: Quill Design, 1998

Quill Design, PAB  Architects

Malaysia – Singapore 1995-1998
Design Architect

Managed a design development team. Concern includes preparation of promotional materials, master plan, project reports, preliminary designs, and presentation drawings. Projects include The Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel & Resort, Putra Jaya Government Centre E&F, Somerset Hotel Spa & Resorts, The Mines Resort Villas, and OUB Twin Tower, KL. Projects include The Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel & Resort, Putra Jaya Government Centre, Somerset Hotel Spa & Resorts, The Mines Resort Villas, and KL OUB Twin Tower, KL Sentral mix-use development, Galaxy mix-use development, Government Integrated Office Centres, Manhattan Melaka Reclamation Project, Shopping & Office Towers, and Ferry Development.