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Eat less, More often

Eat less, more often

We need to eat less but more in frequency. To lose weight, it is recommended to eat 5-6 meals a day but in less portion. Meals should be 50
% vegetable, 25% protein, 25% complex carbs. You get protein from Tofu, Nuts, Legumes. Have two servings of fruit every day, with at least one serving of a good source of Vitamin C.

Design Files: Wildridge House

A proposed house at beautiful Hope Island, Gold Coast Australia. In response to the client passion in minimalist architecture and the beautiful surrounding, the design is accentuated by minimal geometrical pattern, with extensive glazing on the front and at the rear – creates a clean identifiable minimalist facade. The living areas and master bedroom are placed facing the entertaining area, the swimming pool that meets the waterfront.

5 Questions To Get Girl Crazy Over You

Crazy Girl


Be Yourself, also answer these and you will be the man, period.

1. What is she looking for

2. What things does she find attractive

3. What concern does she have or afraid of

4. What’s makes you a good listener

5. What makes you effective in life.

I hope somebody told me this before, but it’s NEVER too late.

It’s What You Make Of It.

leigh and kaye

Last night I asked myself. What’s great to be Cum Laude? I’ve never been one, in fact, my school grades are something I used to hide. My daughters were awarded Cum Laude again. They are attending the best school; drive Lexus to school with yummy lunchboxes, thanks to my lovely wife.

On the other hand, I attended public school wears thongs to class with a shitty empty bag. Growing up in almost impossible circumstances with a poor widow mum of eight kids, watching her unshakeable faith was something that makes me glad of my life.




Happiness is the key to successful life. Don’t listen when somebody tells that you will NEVER succeed; they’re just making shit up.

3 Ways To Do If You Missed College



1. START YOUR OWN BUSINESS – Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sheldon Adelson are few of super billionaires who are drop-outs.
2. GET A JOB, LOVE IT, and be indispensable like multi-billionaire Andrew Carnegie, Hotelier Cezar Ritz who finished only high school.
3. PLAY HARD, become a tennis superstar like Andre Agassi, or great musicians like Christina Aguilera, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who missed finishing high school.

Invest In Yourself

Invest in Yourself
If you stripped Bill Gates of his assets and dumped him on the street…he’d be back to living a comfortable life with plenty of income. Why? Bill Gates invested in himself.
If Bill Gates suddenly became homeless he could walk into any company on the planet, offer his services as a consultant and start making an awesome 6+ figures a year. Invest in yourself.. – Grant Hensel