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Cheap Shadow Diagram when it comes to our pricing but its accuracy is always our aim. Shadow Diagram is prepared for mid-winter 21 June at 9:00 AM, 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM and the equinoxes (21 March and 21 September) and midwinter (21 June) at 9 am, 12noon and 3 pm in plan form. We can clearly demonstrate and answer any overshadowing and solar access concerns. Our service enables a flexible and fast shadow diagram that addresses all planning requirements for the Development Application process.
We can determine the impacts of a proposal on the adjacent residential buildings and their private open space. A shadow diagram allows us to view and calculate the amount of shadow cast by the proposed development. It contributes in determining the shading effect of the adjacent structures as well as those casts by the proposed structure which helps in shaping the sustainability of the development.

  • They must be drawn to a scale of 1:100 and correctly show the following:
    Position and relationship to adjoining buildings and land (showing street number and street address)
    The positioning and levels of windows and openings on the walls neighbouring buildings must be identified from the submitted survey plan.
  • Existing and proposed shadows cast winter solstice (21 June): for 9 am, 12 noon and 3 pm (show altitude and azimuth angles) upon the site, adjoining land and buildings on adjoining land.
  • If shadows will fall upon any wall of a neighbouring property, elevation or vertical shadow diagrams are required.
  • The entire area that is /will be cast in shadow must be identified as such (not just the outline of the shadow cast).
  • A legend that clearly explains the symbols, colour etc used on the plans ie existing structures to remain.

Must be drawn to true north.