Drafting & Design (Copy)

Our approach is holistic; the design shall be timeless, the goal is to surpass your expectation. During the design development stage, we gladly provide you with the opportunity to make ample changes; until you’re happy with the design.

Package Inclusions:


Site Plan
Schedule of Floor area
1-3D Visual Render
Floor Area & Gen. Specs
Floor Plans

Roof Plan
Electrical Plan
Sch of Doors & Windows

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Drafting & Design


Choose Online if you already have sketches and you’re confident in your design knowledge. Offering no design or advise just BCA compliant set of drawings for lodgement & construction. Hence the drafting fee is lower. Meetings are online or call based, saving huge on travel cost.


Offering full design & drafting solutions, a holistic design development process to produce the best possible design. During the preliminary stage, we won’t stop until we met your design expectation. This package includes coordination with engineers & lodgment assistance.

A set of drafting & design drawings with specifications for Council approval and construction. A set of plan used to communicate how a building is to be constructed, displaying all relevant information that will be required to do so. It describes how a structure is to be built, showing all relevant information that will be necessary to do so.


Your satisfaction is our top priority; we’re confident that’ll you’ll be happy with our drafting & design services. But because we believe in the quality of our service, we think you should have a chance to try us out without any risk. So go ahead, place an order. In the unlikely event that Amores doesn’t meet your expectation. Within the first 14 days from the order placement date, you may end the contract, and we’ll refund your fees. For full details of our cancellation policy, please see our terms of service.